Porter, Kingsley

Kingsley Porter says: “I started trading the ASX200 futures index, more commonly known as the SPI, in 2007. I concentrated on short time frames, from 5 to 15 minutes. I did this for two years as well as looking after my super portfolio of Australian shares. I had a holiday for a few years starting in 2008 when I worked and played on a 60 acre property in the wine growing area of Margaret River in WA. Since 2014 I have been in Melbourne spending every spare moment trading, firstly the SPI, again on short time frames. Looking for more opportunities, I have concentrated on trading FX majors and some minors, not exotics. This has been a fascinating journey where I trade longer term, usually daily, although we have the flexibility to trade down to small time frames with the same trading method.  Developing this longer-term method has helped in trading shorter time frames by removing anxiety. A friend from Perth, my son Warwick and I have been working for 18 months developing algos for trading FX. This too is a wonderful journey and currently we are trialing one algo which has been running for 5 weeks and giving very good results.

Four experienced traders discuss their trading styles and methods.  This panel session is moderated by Robert Brain.