Pontikis, Peter

Peter is a Queensland based investment specialist and adviser in wealth management strategies for high to ultra high wealth families and has close to 3 decades of investment, wealth management and financial markets experience. A fellow of CPA Australia, he is on their risk management academic advisory committee and also is a senior fellow of FINSIA where he served on their national policy advisory council as well as its financial markets committee. He recently retired as director of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) after serving on the board for 9 years.

It is now well into the fifth year of the post GFC investing world, and the markets in the developed world remain challenged as ever as the ?new normal? of a high A$, high credit costs and equity secular bear markets continue to crimp markets into a series of cyclical swings of bullish and bearish oscillations. No longer a world of buy and hold; the secular bear market demands a robust framework of dynamic asset allocation that combines awareness of trends in allied and leading markets, together with a disciplined focus on capital management.