The markets are unpredictable, and anything can happen anytime. There are periods when the markets are more volatile than other times, such as during reporting season which can be planned for, but not all market events can be planned for. As a trader you need to have a market exposure strategy in your trading plan that will provide you with guidance around how you will trade during different market trends and periods of volatility.

In this presentation Justine will share with you her market exposure guidelines and how she handles different market situations. It takes time to build experience in the market and it's not until you have traded through all the market trends that you can be confident in your strategy. Your plan will evolve as you grow as a trader and experience all the possibilities that can be thrown at you in the markets.

Justine is a technical trader that has developed her own personal trading systems to trade through all market conditions.  She has been trading the markets now for nearly three decades and has been through many bull and bear markets over this time and experienced key historical market events, such as the World Trade Centre Crash, GFC and now the pandemic.