Penfold, Brent

Brent Penfold is a 30-year veteran trader having begun his career in 1983 as an institutional trader with Bank America. In addition to being a professional trader Brent has authored a number of books and helps others through his educational and advisory services. As a trader Brent specialises in trading global index, currency and commodity futures. He is the author of two books, Trading The SPI (Wiley 2005) and The Universal Principles of Successful Trading (Wiley 2010). The latter becoming an international best seller. His third book, The Universal Tactics of Successful Trading (Wiley) is due out for publication in 2018. Brent publishes daily newsletters for active index, currency and commodity traders and is a popular and sought after international speaker who has presented to traders throughout the Asia Pacific region.

So what?s the outlook for the second half of 2013? Should traders be looking for buying or selling opportunities or should they stay-on, or move-to, the sidelines? Will the Euro survive and the European Union stay whole? Will North America deal with it?s deficit? Will China resume it?s trend growth? Will Japan finally hit the wall? In this presentation Brent will share with attendees the benefits of adopting a mechanical approach to index trading during both bull and bear markets. He will outline what worked for him and what didn?t when he began active index trading. Through his personal journey he will provide an understanding as to why he is a 100% mechanical trader and the benefits he derives from it.

Never before has uncertainty dominated the markets like it has today. Traders have never had so many big questions to answer. Will the Euro hold together? Will the USA get a handle on its debt and deficit? Will China return to trend growth? Will Japan reverse its demographic decline? Will central banks reduce their balance sheets? With so many unanswered questions and so much uncertainty is it no wonder that so many traders in so many markets are looking for practical ways to profit in ever changing markets? Yet despite global anxiety and confusion there is a core body of trading knowledge within the markets that can provide a level of certainty. Certainty that traders can use to rebuild their confidence and begin to trade again with purpose and profit. Knowledge that experienced traders know and inexperienced traders don?t.

Brent will be sharing a common overlooked strategy that works as well today as it did when it was first discovered. This presentation will be a walk down memory lane to remind attendees that the more markets change the more they stay the same.

Unfortunately the audio of this video is degraded - we needed to make use of an open microphone backup.

Trade what you see and not what you think. In this session you will learn a simple yet effective methodology to trade with the trend in Forex and Index Markets. This is real trend trading that works and follows the maxim that ?less is more?.