Pawagi, Bobbey

Bobbey is an ATAA Brisbane member and sits on the ATAA National board. He has been trading full-time for 5 years and has experience in currencies, futures and commodities. He also manages a portfolio of automated trading systems.

Bobbey will speak about his day trading system for entering and exiting trades using a morning price range.

In his presentation, Bobbey will speak about the following trading tools:

He uses on a daily basis because it is easy to use and helps him keep up-to-date specific prices and markets condition.  TradingView is a US based online global platform for researching financial markets with real-time data. Its blogging facility allows him to share his trading ideas in the public chat room. (

He uses Trade View Investments for system development and automated trading. Trade View is a privately held proprietary trading firm located in Melbourne and has a strong technology focus giving its traders the very latest trading and information platforms with real time data. It uses a systematic approach to trading by following a set of mechanical rules developed by its proprietary models.

Bobbey says the big benefit in using Trade View's platform is it allows him to build, test, and automate his strategies without coding a single line. (