Patel, Manish

Manesh is a professional trader, speaker and founder of  Manesh has spent time building black box trading modules and has worked for institutions on equity and currency trading desks.  Manesh has achieved a Series 3 License and operated as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor).  Manesh is also an expert on ichimoku clouds and has authored the book Trading with Ichimoku Clouds published by John Wiley & Sons.

In this session we will discuss the last two Ichimoku indicators:- the tenkan is used for short term support/ resistance, and the chikou is used to gauge the momentum of the trend. They will help eliminate some of the false kumo breakouts from the foundation strategy. We will also discuss fractal wave trading, and timeframe ?matching?. Including examples of day trading timeframes and what timeframes they match on the higher timeframe, and analyzing various instruments (forex, global stocks [US, Australia, Singapore] Futures) on all timeframes.

From the Japanese trading rooms to fast becoming the charting method of choice by professional traders and fund managers, the foundation of the Ichimoku indicator is based on the High/Low of a bar instead of closing prices. This reflects the support/resistance for a particular range in many time frames. This session includes: advantages of Ichimoku cloud charting in multi time frames, comparison of Ichimoku versus other indicators, and the difference between moving averages and the Ichimoku indicators including momentum. Also the Kumo Cloud breakout strategy with a trailing stop of the Kijun Sen indicator is a trend based strategy.