Some time ago some friends of mine were asking for some ideas on trading. I penned a few quick pages for them on the Fibonacci series. This little summary gave a review of one of my favourite tools. Probably the easiest to grasp for beginners, within no time at all the few pages had begun to circulate like wildfire. I thought it could be explained much better than my little summary, so the book Trading with the Gods was written. It very quickly became a big seller in my home country. People consistently remarked on its ease of purpose and its simple explanations that anyone could follow. Since then, I have been asked for more and more information on other tools. The Gann material is something I have found to be extraordinary in market trading. Gann is certainly a controversial subject, but I suspect that is due to bad interpretations of his coded material.

As a gifted and very motivational speaker, Alan Oliver has now given seminars and speeches throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Singapore.