Oliver, Alan

Alan is an author, trader and educator of nearly 30 years’ experience in trading markets. His book “Trading with the Gods” is regarded as a leading text on The Fibonacci Series. Alan has been teaching students worldwide in the art of Gann and Fibonacci and has been asked to present seminars to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and China. Alan was the keynote speaker at recent Asian Traders Expos with his clear, enthusiastic and entertaining seminars providing traders of all levels with engaging and informative presentations.

One of the great architects of Technical Analysis was W.D. Gann. In over 50 years of trading he invented or popularised several new methods and ideas for trading, some of which were very original in thought and application.

Behind the very advanced tools and signals created by Gann, one common theme was current for his trading. He knew over many years of trial and error that the profitably of trading required Time, Price and Pattern to be signalling a change or reversal before he placed a position.

In this presentation we will cover:

  • The seasons of the markets - 4 basic phases to each campaign.
  • Swing patterns to determine the big players moves and motives.
  • Numbers that create major reversals despite trend and direction.
  • Gann’s definition of Anniversary and why it is not necessarily a yearly repeat.

The Gann methods are very advanced and require dedication and persistence to master, however, we can review the foundations of the theory with some simplistic examples on today’s current charts.

These complex ideas will be explained simply, with easy to follow examples on popular markets.

Trading has many methods available, and each trader will take on a method or system that appeals to their preferred outcome. W.D.Gann created his own methods and tools; some of these have been very hot topics amongst traders. Gann focussed on Time as his most important trading technique, and in doing so created several Time factors that he used to remarkable effect. We will look at his Time factors, showing traders incredible numbers working on each and every segment of the market. These factors have been very hard to learn but when put into simple terms on current charts these techniques reveal outstanding opportunities well before the rest of the trading public realises a reversal is in play