Netto, John

John Netto is Chief Investment Strategist of NetBlack Capital, a Commodity Trading Advisor, as well as President of M3 Capital. He is the author of One Shot - One Kill Trading and President of One Shot - One Kill Trading. John is a regular contributor on a number of TV programs and Traders Expos. During John’s nine years in the  US Marine Corps, he lived in the Far East and learnt to speak, read, and write Japanese and Chinese, allowing him to articulate his vision of trading to an international audience. When not engrossed in the markets, Mr. Netto spends his free time sharpening his intuition, discipline, and risk management skills as an avid poker player and sports handicapper.

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John?s session includes trading various equity index futures products and exchange traded funds against other equity index products including; FTSE, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow, Nikkei, etc. This includes creating synthetic spread charts, mean reversion strategies, relative strength strategies, factoring volatility between products, accounting for currency rate differentials, and risk management techniques.  

A number of institutional technicians currently use some form of Fibonacci analysis, this session will help traders and investors identify where ?resting orders? may be and tactics to work within this market framework. The hands on session will cover multiple techniques of creating overlaying Fibonacci price targets to include real-world entry techniques, live position management, and the process of smoothing returns as a result of being exposed to Fibonacci sequence price movement.