Trevor Neil?s Sentiment Candles (TNSC) is an analysis and trading technique developed for modern markets and for the future. It is created to take advantage of new and changed market conditions. Classic Candlestick charting was developed specifically for a type of market which does not exist virtually anywhere now and will die out completely soon. In Classic Candlestick charting the position of the close is crucially important to the interpretation of the sentiment of a candlestick pattern. But today and increasingly tomorrow, markets have several official closes or no close at all. The basis for Classic Candlestick charting does not hold up for trading in modern times. TNSC reads the sentiment of the Candle in a different way which does reveal its meaning and can be turned into clear trading messages. TNSC has been developed for short and long term trading of modern markets which do not just have short exchange traded sessions. This is a new trader's tool for the new world and for the next decade.