Neil, Trevor

 "Trevor Neil, MSTA, MCSI, is one of Europe’s leading technical analysis experts and has been a professional trader for over 40 years. Today he is a fund manager and is engaged by global institutions to teach market timing and behavioural finance skills. He started at the age of 18 as a soft commodities floor trader for Merrill Lynch. He was a founding board member of The Society of Technical Analysts in London for over ten years. He worked in the Bund pit of LIFFE. He managed a successful futures quoted fund for Union CAL He left Union CAL to join Bloomberg LP. There he was the global head of technical for four years and was responsible for training and technical analysis software development. In 2003 he set up a hedge fund T-Capital in South Africa. In 2004 he also founded the BETA Group, offering consultancy to banks and funds around the world, as well as seminars to banking professionals. He has appeared on CNBC, IG TV, Bloomberg television and has written articles published by leading financial journals. He is a director of RRG Research BV the developers and owner of the popular Relative Rotation Graphs. Today, the top investment firms and funds throughout Europe choose him to train their staff. Trevor has given in-house technical analysis trainings at most large institutions, seminars at many conferences and extensive work for Reuters. Appointments, Media and Publications Trevor has been quoted numerous times by the top financial publications and is the principal trainer and Associate Editor for The Technical Analyst Magazine. He also delivers the popular monthly webinar sponsored by Thomson Reuters, Trevor Neil’s Friday Technical Analysis Surgery. He is a Member of the Securities Institute where he is an Accredited Training Provider. He is an active trader using his technical analysis skills to manage a systematic fund."

Technical analysts do not always agree how to define pivot levels of support and resistance. They do not always agree which points to join to draw a trend line. They do not agree on how to set targets from trend line breaks. With all this subjectivity it is impossible to test the effectiveness and profitability of trading using trend lines. From a desire to find more representative points of pivot, we found through study an objective way to draw trend lines. First they were horizontal support and resistance lines. Then with sloping lines we found we were able to project future support and resistance levels from our automatically generated Power Lines and then Power Channels. In this talk, Trevor Neil will show you how to use a constant approach to isolating support and resistance pivots. How to generate a series of lines which have proven predictive characteristics. From this a systematic approach has been developed and will be covered in full today.

Trevor Neil?s Volatility Squeeze Technique is a systematic trading approach designed to exploit break-out moves from unusual and unsustainable low volatility market states. Terrific and fast profits can be made by catching these, sometimes, explosive market breaks. The setup condition is recognised using familiar technical analysis. It is a trend-following technique with Stop and Exit rules. TNVS is a rule-based trading technique which is robust over different timeframes and securities. It?s rules and, stop placement technique will be shown during the talk. You will be able to use this proven technique yourself right after the presentation.

Trevor Neil develops on the idea the idea of reducing and simplifying the message of candlesticks by reading their sentiment. He will show how his way of analysing the market sentiment is far more appropriates for today?s markets compared with the over-structured and complex method classical Candlestick Charting. From this structure he has developed a rule-based trading technique which is robust over different timeframes and securities. It?s rules and, Stop placement and Exit technique will be shown during the talk. You will be able to use this TNSC yourself right after the presentation. Note: A video was not captured due to a technical fault, an audio recording is substituted.

Trevor Neil?s Sentiment Candles (TNSC) is an analysis and trading technique developed for modern markets and for the future. It is created to take advantage of new and changed market conditions. Classic Candlestick charting was developed specifically for a type of market which does not exist virtually anywhere now and will die out completely soon. In Classic Candlestick charting the position of the close is crucially important to the interpretation of the sentiment of a candlestick pattern. But today and increasingly tomorrow, markets have several official closes or no close at all. The basis for Classic Candlestick charting does not hold up for trading in modern times. TNSC reads the sentiment of the Candle in a different way which does reveal its meaning and can be turned into clear trading messages. TNSC has been developed for short and long term trading of modern markets which do not just have short exchange traded sessions. This is a new trader's tool for the new world and for the next decade.