Mehr, Tamar

Tamar is a full-time financial markets trader, providing live market analysis and commentary. Teaching and applying of technical and scenario-based analysis, to create a multi-dimensional decision-making formula. This methodology allows for a smarter approach to making better choices when trading the financial markets.

Contracted to Trade With Precision as well as providing market commentaries to brokers such as OANDA, CMC Markets, RJ O'Brien, Trade Station and GKFX to name a few. Worked and published analysis videos for the biggest exchanges in the world, including the CME Group - Chicago Mercantile Exchange and ICE - Inter Continental Exchange in the US.

Tamar runs live market analysis, educational webinars, and private mentoring for all levels of clients.

A background in IT engineering and military intelligence gives Tamar a unique perspective on how to identify and recognise high probability patterns for potential trading opportunities.

Tamar trades predominantly Index, Forex and Commodity markets, and utilizing my approach for share investing.

Traditional trading methodologies imply that one should buy in an uptrend and sell in a downtrend.

However, with the introduction of algorithmic and high frequency trading, markets are more erratic, and trends are often completely violated.

Ever wondered why after strong market moves, driven by news or global events, the market suddenly stops at the place it did? Why that specific point, and what was there to stop and reverse such a powerful move?

Trapping the market is a strategy that looks to capitalise on these powerful moves and points of reversal. This facilitates a higher reward to risk ratio and is based on a set-and-forget approach to trading.

The strategy can be traded on any timeframe to accommodate work life balance and lifestyle.

The strategy will best suit intermediate to advanced traders that understand price action. However, can be taught to enthusiastic beginners to advance their trading journey.