McNamara, Mary

 Mary McNamara has been a self-educated active trader in Forex, stocks, Options and ETFs since late 2007. She ‘fell’ into trading back in late 2007 and her background prior to that time had been in Science Research (Chemistry) and then Education. Technical analysis, scientific research and experimental design had always formed a large part of her daily activity in the scientific domain and, thus, the transition to technical analysis within the trading domain was not such a huge leap for her. The motivation for this transition was a personal one and evolved, in part, because she wanted to continue to work but on her own terms and in a field that gave her more flexibility and control over her time. Mary McNamara holds a degree in Inorganic Chemistry and an M Ed (Management and Human Resource Development). She is a ATAA Sydney Chapter member and was recently a Councillor.

In this presentation Mary will give an overview of the ADX momentum indicator and offer an example of how this might be useful to use in conjunction with any Volume studies when traders carry out their own technical analysis.

Mary trades Forex off 4 hr charts and Stocks/Options/ETFs off daily charts and has a real passion for technical analysis. She is a relative newcomer to the markets as she has only been trading since 2007. During that time she has traded following systems and signals offered by external providers but, now, trades using her own trade entry system. Mary documents her analysis and trades in an on-line trading blog at