McCarthy, Michael

Michael, based in Sydney, has over 30 years of trading and dealing experience in financial markets, specialising in FX, commodity and equity trading, derivative trading and market education.  As Chief Market Strategist at CMC Markets, Michael is responsible for global and local market analysis, the formulation of trading strategies and plays a key role in education.  Michael previously held the position of Head of Dealing Asia Pacific for City Index, overseeing global market risk while leading research and education strategies.  Michael has held a variety of positions including: Director of Derivative Trading at ABN Amro Australia and Vice President of Equity Derivatives at Citi Group. Michael holds a Masters’ Degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

With a multitude of indicators and oscillators to work with, how can technical analysts decide which best suit their trading styles in different asset classes and changing market conditions? CMC?s Chief Market Strategist, Michael McCarthy, discusses the importance of ?adaptive analyses? to incorporate evolving market conditions into a trading framework, and shines light on why the answer to this question is different for each analyst.