Mayne, Stephen

Stephen Mayne is the Walkley Award winning journalist who founded and went on to become Australia’s best-known shareholder advocate and transparency campaigner. He chaired the Finance and Governance committee at City of Melbourne (2012-2016), has asked questions at 500+ AGMs, run for 51 public company boards (including Macquarie at the moment), served two terms on the board of the Australian Shareholders’ Association and claims to have the world’s biggest small share portfolio with tiny holdings in more than 500 stocks. He currently writes for Eureka Report, Crikey, The New Daily, and the monthly ASA magazine “Equity”, whilst publishing his own website.

Amidst a GFC-style deluge of capital raisings since March this year, it is time to have a look at the system and performance of companies which raised equity from shareholders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having participated in more than 320 retail capital raisings since 2009 and argued the case for reform consistently over the past decade, Stephen Mayne will explore the capital raising system, how it works for retail investors, the different types of offers that are made and whether there are any lessons or opportunities for technical traders before and after capital raisings are launched.