Ask any professional trader the secret to success and they will most likely mention Risk Management as the key factor. Effective Risk Management is a combination of different elements like Win/Loss Ratio, Correct Position Sizing, Risk-to-Reward Ratio, etc., with each of these varying in degree of importance.

Knowing which are the more important elements is crucial to consistently growing the account.
For example, a common misconception is the importance of the Win/Loss Ratio. Most traders tend to give priority to this, rather obviously, as having a larger number of winning trades is beneficial to the account.

The simple fact is that losing trades are dependent on market forces and something that a trader cannot control. Hence concentrating on this would be incorrect.

In this webinar, we will focus on each of these elements and find out the most important one that a trader should concentrate on.

Understanding the proper one ensures account growth and, more importantly, determines what kind of market should be traded and on what time frames to trade.