Mangwani, Sunil

Sunil Mangwani is the Co-Founder and Master Instructor at the Willo Trading Institute.

With twenty years of experience trading in the currency markets, Sunil specialises in mentoring and coaching traders around the globe. He has been a regular contributor to reputable trading magazines and has participated as a speaker at various trading conferences and expos.

He has been associated with many prominent trading institutes worldwide. While trading with price action & Fibonacci ratios based on his vast knowledge and in-depth study of the financial markets, Sunil has developed proprietary trading techniques that continue to perform and stand the test of time. These techniques include specific ‘Trade Plans’ which incorporate ‘Money Management’ and the ‘Mind’ factor, which make them unique.

Ask any professional trader the secret to success and they will most likely mention Risk Management as the key factor. Effective Risk Management is a combination of different elements like Win/Loss Ratio, Correct Position Sizing, Risk-to-Reward Ratio, etc., with each of these varying in degree of importance.

Knowing which are the more important elements is crucial to consistently growing the account.
For example, a common misconception is the importance of the Win/Loss Ratio. Most traders tend to give priority to this, rather obviously, as having a larger number of winning trades is beneficial to the account.

The simple fact is that losing trades are dependent on market forces and something that a trader cannot control. Hence concentrating on this would be incorrect.

In this webinar, we will focus on each of these elements and find out the most important one that a trader should concentrate on.

Understanding the proper one ensures account growth and, more importantly, determines what kind of market should be traded and on what time frames to trade.

Using Fibonacci ratios in the correct way, including the secret Fibonacci ratio that the Institutionals use as a trap.

Trading with technical analysis is an effective way to trade the financial markets, but most traders look for the perfect trading system while ignoring the basic concepts behind price movement.

Where does a trend start, when might it end, and what are the factors that drive movement?

Take a walk along the practical side in this webinar & look behind the charts to understand these concepts.

Then, take it to the next level to understand the correct way to use the Fibonacci ratios. While the Fibonacci ratios are a highly effective tool in technical analysis, the fact is most traders tend to use them incorrectly. It’s like using a hammer for a job that requires a screwdriver, which would result in an undesirable outcome.

And finally, learn about one ‘secret’ Fibonacci ratio and how the Institutes use this as a trap level.

Whether you are a new trader just starting your journey or an experienced trader who has gone through the grind, this webinar will open your eyes to an entirely new concept.