Magnetic Trading

Magnetic Trading - created by Cameron Malik and Mark Austin.  One got out of the banks; the other got out of business so they could trade from anywhere in the world. They both ended up in Thailand, and the idea of Magnetic Trading was born.

Mark’s speciality is the FTSE 100, where he has over fifteen years’ of real world experience. In the index trading world Mark is know simply as ”MR FTSE”.

After years of searching, Cameron finally found what he was looking for in Trading. These days he is now a true “LifeStyle” Trader specialising in short term trading of the German Dax and Australian ASX Indices. 90% of Cameron’s trades are completed within the first hour of trading.

At Magnetic Trading, we believe it’s very rare to find anyone in the day trading training industry who personally makes a profit on a daily or weekly basis. Most trainers are marketers peddling a “foolproof system”, or relying on their “guru” status to attract clients.

At Magnetic Trading, we believe in Transparent Trading. Neither of us learned day trading from a book or youtube videos,- so why should we expect you to learn that way? That’s why we give all of our students live access to our trades. So you can see what professional traders, who trade every day, are doing.

This engaging presentation will cover:
-What is market function
-The Dax 1st of the month trade
-The FTSE expiry trade
-The FTSE dividend trade