Kömel, Adrian

Adrian Kömel studied business mathematics and successfully completed it as one of the top students. He got into trading through an internship and got to know his trading partner Tobias Bärlin with whom he has been working and trading since then and built the website www.suricate-trading.de. Tobias has been trading for around 15 years now, Adrian has been trading full-time for around 7 years. First they dealt with statistical approaches and evaluated the markets using simulation programs and looked at what works and what doesn’t. Through the World Trading Championship you have become aware of other approaches and have analyzed what the best in the world trade and how they do it. So they got to know the CoT data and developed their own trading system which combines different approaches. This system combines CoT data, timing instruments, volume profiles and the footprint chart.

They have been participating in the Trading World Championship for 3 years now and have been among the 5 best traders in the world every year.