Jones, Matthew

Matthew started his career working for the large financial institutuions and advising corpoprate clients how to hedge their long-term currency exposure. For the last 14 years he has been a Director of Capital 19 and now uses his expertise to advise retail investors how to best position their portfolios in the current economic environment.  A life-long investor himself, Matthew began buying stocks when he was just 16 and often takes a contrarian view to stock selection, favouring undervalued, out-0f-favour stocks, that offer assymetrical returns.

Stock markets have not had a good start to 2022. It has been the worst start ever for the high-flying Nasdaq in the US. So, what is causing all this selling, and will it continue or will we see similar gains to 2021? In this presentation we will examine what the main causes of stock price appreciation were in 2021 and which sectors performed the best and worst. We will then examine what those driving factors are telling us today and what this means for the most likely course for stock prices in 2022.