James, Tom

Professor Tom James, MEI, MA, is an International Natural Resource executive and entrepreneur with a broad 22-year career in natural resources trading, investment banking and knowledge based services. He has shared his knowledge and successfully trained many 1,000s of traders and management in the sector via regular public seminars and through his work with universities, and advises many companies on business strategy and trading strategies in the energy and commodity markets.

Asia has become the key dynamic in short and long term price trends and supply demand forecasting in all major commodities including food stuffs. As Asia?s demand and dependence on imported supplies grew regional powers, most, notably China, responded with nationalistic strategies to secure control over energy and commodity supplies overseas. China, India, and other countries in the region also became major energy investors in Iran, Sudan, Myanmar. The zero-sum energy and resource atmosphere in the region continues to feed geopolitical rivalries among China, the U.S., India, Japan, and Korea, and this competition is now extending to rare earth minerals, which have increasingly important defence and energy applications.