Ihsan, Nik

Nik Ihsan Raja Abdullah, MSTA (Distinction), CFTe, 32 is a Sales Manager for Institutional Dealing in BIMB Securities Sdn Bhd, one of the leading Islamic Stock broking companies in the region. He is responsible to churn out trading ideas on a daily basis for corporate clients. His clientele includes Malaysia’s largest asset management companies with assets under management of over MYR1trillion. Previously he worked as the Chief Technical Analyst in UOB Kay Hian where his technical reports were highly sought after amongst traders and investors alike. In 2014, before he left his position, his recommendations gave a return of over 3,800.00% in 9-months, a record-breaking performance that made him a well-known technical analysis practitioner. As an active speaker and trainer of technical analysis, he often shares his insight with corporate and individual investors at seminars as well as reaching the public through social media and the local print media. To date, he has trained and taught more than 2,000 individuals from various backgrounds. Nik Ihsan is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and also holds the UK STA qualification as a Certified Technical Analyst (MSTA) and among a very small number in the world who has acquired the highest pedigree of Distinction for MSTA.

Next Generation of Magic Numbers is an extended version of the ?Golden Ratio? ? 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level which is 72% AWJ Line. Credit to his mentor who founded the figure, Nik Ihsan has implemented a short-term trading system which consistently picks the bottom and the top along the established trend. In his presentation Nik Ihsan will demonstrate the positive correlation between momentum which uses the variation of Fibonacci numbers as a nominal value indicator, and the 72% retracement level. The correlation of these two elements gave Nik Ihsan an edge to determine future price movements, creating a viable trading plan and increasing the overall profitability of the stocks portfolio. He will also present the limitations of the system and how to overcome it by adding additional structured variables into his analysis.