This lecture introduces a revolutionary way to find real volatility as candlestick charts provide more information on stock fluctuation than many non Japanese investors think. Volatility breakout is probably one of the best technical tools in measuring investment timing, as a lot of signals and systems have been developed based on the breakout. To get successful returns, you need to measure volatility as accurately as possible in the first place. However, historical volatility, which is commonly used, may not be an appropriate tool as it has critical problems in its definition. For example, the average historical volatility for the last 20 days is usually higher than that for the last 10 days. In short, the longer period, the higher the historic volatility. This does not make any sense. Candlestick chart volatility does not have such a shortcoming, as it has simpler and more legitimate logic. This presentation Candlestick Chart Volatility is based on the prize awarded treatise delivered at the Nippon Technical Analysts Association.