Greville, Warwick

Originally from the USA. Trading since Oct 2006, Warwick took a small course that told him that I could make a fortune in Forex Trading. He dutifully believed them, and then made $600 on a $1000 account my first day. He was hooked. That turned out to be complete beginners luck, and a total lack of money management, as he lost the entire account the next week. Then he spent most of my time looking at the "next shiny object" in trading - for many many years. Since spending more time in Melbourne in 2010, I have been the organizer for the, and since 2014 -has also been trading Crypto Currencies. Thats another very exciting industry. Studying and looking more at Forex Trading Robots since 2015. Profitable for several years, and still have ups and downs like everybody else. There are so many scammers selling the "perfect system that just doesnt work.  He tries to guide people away from losing money.   High returns only seem to come from high risk. Its a fun journey, but its a very rough roller coaster ride.He has settled on longer time frames, and general trend following thats working for him.

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