Gordon, Todd

Todd Gordon is the Senior Technical Strategist for FOREX.com and is also a trader for GAIN Capital Asset Management (GCAM).   Combining his insights as a trader and technical strategist, Todd has developed a system of market analysis that is put to the test through live trading in GCAM every week, and is published daily through Strategy of the Day (SOTD). In SOTD, Todd shares with clients of FOREX.com his in-depth analysis of the forex markets based on Elliott Wave and Fibonacci principles, Intermarket and Fundamental Analysis.  Todd has developed a loyal following by breaking these complex styles of analysis down to their core components and interpreting them for clients in the real markets, and in real time. Todd’s in-depth analysis featured in SOTD is more than just a typical analyst’s “recommendations.”  He personally initiates every trade idea featured in SOTD and in GCAM, real time, and with real assets. He was a frequent guest on financial newschannels such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and BNN, but has recently become a regular contributor to CNBC’s Fast Money show.  He has given seminars worldwide, including the Far East, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the US. He also provides regular commentary and analysis to publications such as Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities and Futures.  He preaches and demonstrates the qualities required to be a successful trader - patience, discipline, analysis, and execution. Todd lives by the mantra - Plan Your Trade, Trade Your Plan.

Are the old adages ?Trade with trend? or ?The trend is your friend? ALWAYS true? Hardly! Markets only trend about 20 percent of the time, so what about the other 80 percent? In a candid look at how a professional trader navigates the markets using the razor tight levels defined by Elliott Wave and Fibonacci analysis, Todd will show you how the pros consistently contra-trend trade, while at the same time maintaining tight risk management. He will then share three strategies for identifying market tops and bottoms hours before they develop, and lay out how to move in and attack with expert trading tactics.

In this session, Todd Gordon will explain the core principles of his professional trading style including Elliott Wave Principles, Fibonacci Theory, as well as inter-market analysis. He will also share with you his trading tactics, which include precise entry and exit parameters, position sizing, and risk management. Most importantly, Todd will explain Elliott Wave Principle in a clear, concise, and simple manner. Prepare for a candid look into the daily trading life of a professional foreign exchange trader. A basic knowledge of Elliott Wave Theory is recommended.