Golmohammadi, Behzad

Behzad (also called Ben) is the technical analyst at Stocks Down Under, an investment publication issuing actionable investment and trading ideas on ASX-listed stocks.

Behzad is an avid trader with several years of experience trading stocks in Australia and overseas. He has a talent for finding trading opportunities and in-depth company research. Behzad has a BEng (Industrial) and a master’s degree in Applied Finance (Investing) and has passed the CFA level 1 exam.

Behzad has developed his unique way of stocks analysis by combining technical analysis methods with traditional fundamental analysis to come up with more accurate forecasts of stock price movements. He has named his approach the “TechnoFundamental” analysis.

To familiarise yourself with some of Behzad’s work and the analysis approach he is going to explain, please visit his page on the Stocks Down Under’s website at: https://stocksdownunder.com/author/b3golmohammadigmail-com/

“TechnoFundamental Analysis” A new approach to market timing. There are two methods of analysis used to forecast future stock price movements Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis.. What if we find a way to combine the two methods to increase the forecasting power?