Glavan, Raul Andreas

Raul Glavan is leading the 2020 World Cup Championship of Forex Trading®. He is also the prize winner of the multinational trading competition “Iron Trader 2011” and mastered the challenge by being the best trader in the community contest competing against more than 2,500 participants. The result was a return of 495% in a trading period of two months. In addition, he won the final contest in live trading at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. He was also for a long time managing the best performing wikifolio out of more than 3,500 wikifolios at the new social investing platform with a total return of +610,86% high watermark in 2013 since inception.

In 2017 Mr. Glavan was also invited to Boston (USA) as rising star investment manager globally through one of the world biggest asset management companies in cooperation with the Harvard University and the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).