Gillham, Dale

Dale Gillham is the Founder, Chief Investment Analyst, Executive Director of Wealth Within Group, a bestselling author and one of Australia’s leading investment professionals. Dale is sought after for his expert opinion with regular contributions to the ASX newsletter along with hundreds of comments and editorials each year in major Australian newspapers, magazines, industry and financial publications, Sky Business Channel, CNBC, and other major TV stations. Dale is an expert keynote speaker for government, industry, and the general public. He has educated and entertained investors, traders, and professionals in every state of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and China. In 2006, Wealth Within launched Australia’s first and only nationally accredited Diploma of Share Trading and Investment course that is recognised by the FPA and the SIDC in Malaysia, and is listed on the ASIC training register.

Note: Audio is degraded. During this in depth presentation Dale will discuss,
- Why, when entering a trade, your thinking is different to the way it is when managing and exiting a trade. More importantly, why you need to have the right strategy to manage the decisions you make.
- When is an exit not an exit, but rather a signal to get ready to buy more?
- Why traders often mistakenly think they are trading with a trend.
- Timing your entry and exits to give you a high probability of success.
Anyone can get into a trade ? that?s easy, even a monkey can do that! But, managing a trade to the right exit requires a very different level of skill. Rely on a monkey to do that and you could end up with what monkeys make, ?peanuts