Gardiner, Braden

Braden Gardiner has been a trader for many years starting off on the 'Dark Side' as a broker trading client funds in all types of financial products and then later moving into trading his own funds.

He has learnt and honed his skills in Technical Analysis and trading through many hours of study and repetition and is now focused on Education and trading the market with Davin Clarke through 

In this presentation Braden will cover a number of highly successful trading setups including:

  • The basic price action trading
  • Planning levels for intraday trading
  • The 3 candle setup and philosophy
  • The 5 Minute Trading Day

In the presentation, we will take a look at the current market conditions and the importance of having an edge in the market along with some tricks of the trade to refine risk.We will discuss the benefits of learning price action and planning a trade by defining the key liquidity areas where opportunities exist. How learning and applying basic human psychology at key levels can give us an edge for high probability trades.Topics to be covered -

  • Understanding your edge and your plan
  • Price Action and defining key areas to take action
  • Understanding your risk when you are wrong
  • Planning a trade and managing your expectations