Gable, Michael

Michael is the Managing Director of share advisory firm Fairmont Equities. He has over 10 years experience in Financial Services, previously working for companies such as Novus Capital and Macquarie Bank. Michael provides regular commentary and advice on share markets and technical analysis through the Sky News Business Channel and CNBC.
He is also a weekly contributor to the Financial Review Smart Investor, The Finance News Network, and FNArena. He is also the author of the column ‘A Chartist’s View’ which appears in the WEALTH section of The Australian. Michael holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics), a Bachelor of Commerce, a Diploma of Mortgage Lending, a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), and is an ASX Accredited Derivatives Adviser Levels 1 & 2.

Many stocks have done well over the last two years but up trends do not last forever. Sometimes a stock will track sideways or head downwards for a period of time. Many investors do not want to trade out of these stocks but would like to profit or hedge their positions during periods of weakness. This is where covered call writing can be useful. In this presentation, Michael will cover the basics of covered call writing and how a retail investor can incorporate it into their investment strategy. He will also provide practical examples of how you can use technical analysis to improve your chances of being a successful writer of call options.