Eliseo, Jordan

Jordan is Chief Economist, ABC Bullion, and author of ‘Dire Straits: When Money Costs Nothing and Debt is Free. He is a much sought-after and respected financial commentator and economic analyst with close to 20 years experience in the financial sector. Jordan has amassed a wealth of experience analysing investment markets and has worked for some of the biggest names in the global financial marketplace including Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, AMP Capital and is now Chief Economist at ABC Bullion in Sydney. His analysis of the global debt crisis, and the key economic trends that will impact investors going forward have made him a well-respected analyst, as well as his forthright assessment of the weaknesses in the Australian superannuation and financial market place, and why individuals need to take personal control of their finances. A clear communicator, the information he provides on the economy and on the investment opportunities out there are always balanced, leaving audiences feeling engaged. Jordan holds a BA in Banking and International Finance from Flinders University and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from FINSIA.

Jordan will take us through his analysis process, what technical analysis theories he uses to assist him to find the direction of Gold and Silver.

No one buys home insurance and hopes their house burns down. Despite this, rather than seeing the opportunity that the 2013 correction in gold prices provided to investors, most see it as the end of the gold bull market and precious metals have fallen well out of favour. But what if the precious metal market is just getting started? With a look at global debt dynamics, company profitability and the risk and opportunity in traditional markets, Jordan Eliseo will present a compelling case as to why bullion prices will head much higher, and why it should remain a core holding in any investors portfolio. Hint: It's not all about the Fed...!

Six years after the GFC hit, markets appear at an inflection point. Equities have recovered all of their losses, whilst the bond market continues it?s role as a ?widow-maker?. But an investor cannot make yesterday?s return today. To protect and grow capital in the years ahead, investors will need to avoid bubbles, no easy feat in a zero-interest rate world. This talk will highlight where the potential bubbles are, as well as the pockets of opportunity that exist in investment markets today.