Dony, Donald

Donald Dony MFTA, is a professional technical analyst, registered securities advisor and instructor for the Canadian Securities Institute. He has been in the investment profession for over 25 years, first as a stock broker in the mid 1980s and then as the principal of D W Dony and Associates Inc, a financial consulting firm. He is the editor and publisher of the Technical Speculator, a monthly international investment newsletter, which specializes in major world equity markets, currencies, bonds and interest rates.

In this presentation Donald will outline the relationships that exist between various markets such as currencies, commodities, bonds and stocks. Donald will also discuss sector rotation and its clues to the economy and stock market.

Donald will discuss cycle analysis and how this concept can be used to develop long-term to short-term trading methods. The presentation will also cover combining channels and cycles, and forecasting with cycles.

With over 3,000 exchange traded funds (ETF) now available and over a trillion dollars invested, this vehicle has caught the attention of both institutional and private investors worldwide. ETFs offer exposure to commodities, bonds, currencies, global regions and sectors. But how do you choose which ETF to buy? In this presentation, Donald will demonstrate a top-down method that uses economic indicators from the first presentation, technical analysis models and relative strength performance to filter out the majority of ETFs. The approach is designed to help focus the investor in the right direction when looking for an appropriate ETF.

In his first presentation, Donald will cover the basic movements of the business cycle, how it interacts with the stock market and how investors can profit from this information. He will review key relationships between unemployment rates, the yield curve and the Australian stock market, along with the important implications of the US dollar, consumer spending and the secular commodity advance and how these indicators can enhance investment decisions and profitability. This presentation will use technical analysis as the main device to help investors understand this important area of research.