deKempenaer, Julius

Julius de Kempenaer is the creator of Relative Rotation Graphs® which are available on Bloomberg since January 2011 under the mnemonic RRG. He is the Director of RRG research and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Julius graduated from the Dutch Royal Military Academy (KMA) in 1986 and left the air force in 1990 as a captain to enter the financial industry as a portfolio manager for Equity & Law (now part of AXA investment managers).
In 1992 he moved to IRIS/Robeco as a buy-side quant/technical analyst until 1997 when RABObank acquired Robeco. Following the merger, he served as head of technical analysis on the trading floor of RABObank international in Utrecht. From 2001 – June 2007 he served in a similar role on the trading floor of Kempen & Co. in Amsterdam.
From 2007 to mid-2014 Julius was the director of quantitative strategy at Taler Asset Management Ltd. where he co-authored various asset allocation strategies that have been successfully implemented in discretionary managed accounts as well as a UCITS investment fund.
He left Taler in 2014 to solely focus on the growth of RRG research primarily through partnerships with professional data vendors and software developers to make RRGs™ available to a wider audience and provide relative strength based research to professional investors and professional entities (websites, brokers, asset managers etc) that serve retail clients.
RRGs are currently available on the Bloomberg Professional service, Thomson Reuters EIKON, Optuma technical analysis software, and the website of the Hong Kong Economic Journal.

Introduction of some newly developed tools based on RRGs and how to use them to navigate financial markets including some preliminary results based on potential signals.