Trading technology has evolved from the preserve of stockbrokers and major trading institutions with their large Trading Rooms, to a wide range of cost-effective applications running on Home PCs and laptops, through to now a myriad of applications for today's smart phones and tablets.

Relatively low cost 3G and 4G services plus quite common Wi-Fi data services have made trading on mobile platforms a worldwide phenomenon.

This presentation will extend and build upon the July 2016 version of this presentation. It will only summarize what has driven some of this change (please refer to the 2016 presentation) and then focus on a few of the latest (2017) application options which are readily available on most Smart Phones. The idea is to provide similar functions to the Windows Applications below.

Windows Applications David presently uses, or has used, include: Ninjatrader, ButtonTrader, Interactive Brokers TWS, WebIRESS, CMCMarkets, Omnitrader, CQG, eSignal. Numerous Websites, Windows, Mac Tools, iPhone, iPad & PDA style apps.