Clark, Kalvert

Dr Kalvert Clark DC, DO, D Hom, D Astrology - Researcher and Author of Dow Song and Dow Dance Kalvert has been assisting Phil Anderson with his studies into W.D. Gann and Ganns extensive research in statistical analysis, planetary movements and their effects on markets.

Previous talks at the ATAA have been on Cycles, Volatility and Planetary Forecasting. Although he was going to talk on these matters again, he realised that there was something more important that needed addressing. He was introduced to the concept of the Black Swan during the March meeting at the ATAA. Following the thoughts of Nassim Nicholas Taleb the author of the "Black Swan"., it became clear to Kalvert that he should talk about Taleb's ideas on ANTIFRAGILE as they relate directly to risk in the market. 

Presentation abstract not currently available.