Castle, Peter

2019 is Peter’s 20th year of full time trading and iprofessional nvesting. He has been trading for 23 years.
During that time he has worked to develop easy stress free methods to trade adopting the philosophy “Less is more”.

He believes that trading can be simple and easy however being human we complicate it. Easy Share Trading was formed in 2011 to complement his passion for trading and provide a quality teaching service to the trading community.

After many years of studying Buddhism throughout Asia and Australia including a 2 year stay as a resident in a monastery, Peter accepted ordination as a Zen priest in the Mugendo Zen Kai tradition. (Order of the Boundless Way). Peter feels Zen has helped him enormously with trading and life. He uses it as a complement to his trading teaching.  Peter has traded options, warrants, commodities, currencies, CFDs and indices, but in recent years has traded mainly the ASX. 

In 2011 he formed Easy Share Trading Systems to provide a quality teaching service to the trading community.  More information about Peter can be found here:

Markets change and when they do our trading strategies often have to change and adapt. 2020 has been a challenging trading year for many of us. In this session Peter will share his experience of the market this year and his new short-term trading strategy for trading the current market.  

Peter will review the eBook Trading System he published 2 years ago; its performance, what worked well and what didn’t. He will also discuss some changes to the system that would have enhanced or debilitated the method.

A general overview of the markets will be discussed as Peter presents what he thinks is more probable than not. Questions are welcome.

Peter is passionate about developing Share Trading Systems for individuals. In mid-2012, he presented a trading system to the Sydney ATAA and will again disclose the rules of the method plus examine in detail some of the trades, answer questions, and discuss his thoughts on the market in general. In the first session of today's talk Peter will review the results of that method. Peter will also focus on the psychological aspects of weekly trend trading plus introducing his experience of meditation and Buddhist/Zen philosophy and how it helps his trading.

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Do you ask? "Where do I start?" or "why is it so hard to trade? You are probably attempting to trade too often, and too short term! The methodology of trading is easy; we make it harder than it has to be. Life is about balance, so is trading. Learn to create a simple, low risk method by employing the principle "Less is more". Weekly trend trading systems are by far the easiest, most profitable and low stress way of trading the market. In Peters presentation tonight he will build with you, step by step, a weekly trading system, give you all the rules to it, including specific rules of Entry, Exiting, and more importantly numbers like winning percentage, draw down (pull back), expected losers and winners in a row. All the things you really need know BEFORE you start trading, including the 2 golden rules: Having a Methodology and Sticking to it!

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