Carron, Pippa

Pippa Carron began trading stocks in the mid 1990s and continued with oscillating interest, until four years ago when she joined ATAA and began trading foreign exchange. In her early years with ASX, she tried both black box technology and the Hot Copper 'most discussed' method of selecting stocks with mixed and sometimes surprising success. More lately she has developed her own FX entry system using daily charts and a variety of indicators brought together in an algorithm to produce eight different setup patterns. She lives in Canberra and rides a Harley Davidson Street 500.

In this session, we have a member who uses the ATR to demonstrate their use of the ATR in their analysis.We will discover:

  1. Who created the ATR?
  2. How the ATR is calculated?
  3. The benefits of using the ATR in your analysis whether for shares, forex or other instruments.  
  4. Three different ways you can use the ATR for creating objective rules and a strategy for yourself
  5. How to read this indicator correctly with forex.
  6. Setting your stop loss using the ATR
  7. Using the ATR for your trailing stops.
  8. Setting your profit target using the ATR.