Calan, Jeremy

Jeremy Calnan based in Adelaide and has been involved in the financial markets since the very early 1990s, driven by a personal passion to understand and profit from the markets. He has traded and invested for himself since the early 1990s. Jeremy has been a licenced financial advisor since 2001, and has recently established an Education and Personal Advice business with his business partner and ATAA President Ian Flack, specialising in the Property and Securities markets. Jeremy has always surrounded himself with a great team of teachers and mentors including Property and Investment Cycles expert Phillip J Anderson and Robert Krausz. He has has studied extensively around the world, including at the home of his first mentor Robert Krausz, one of the colourful characters from Jack Schwager’s classic book the “New Market Wizards”. Jeremy has authored a regular Newsletter “Market Muses” in which he articulates his thoughts about the economy and markets in general.  The distribution of “Market Muses” has attracted much interest and the distribution is growing rapidly because within this semi-public forum, he has continually demonstrated his ability to accurately identify market reversals. This year in February, Ian and Jeremy conducted their first ever Forecasting Day where specific dates with a high probability of reversal were given a year out for the DOW, S&P500, FTSE, XAO and 8 Australian Shares. Jeremy is actively involved in sport, co-ordinating and playing AFL9s and coaching schoolboys’ football and basketball. He has participated in the SA Variety Bash Charity event four times, with his team raising in excess of $100,000.

Starting with a macro view, Jeremy will explain how for 215 years the investment markets have moved in a definable and repeatable investment cycle. The cycle is driven by a little understood, but very scientific economic process that occurs in every western economy! You will be shown the interrelation of the credit, economic, business, property and stock market cycles which drive investor opportunities. By understanding how the previous cycles have unfolded and the scientific economic process we follow, he will give you an understanding of what is likely to occur next AND more importantly how to position yourself to gain the greatest benefit. In the second part of Jeremy's presentation he will provide you with some practical technical chart patterns that you can immediately implement within your personal trading plan. He will show you some current examples and how to use them. These are practical technical methods that work in all timeframes.