Burton, Gary

Gary Burton holds a Diploma of Technical Analysis (Finsia 2004), and Certified Financial Technician (IFTA 2005).

He is Past ATAA National Vice president and President of the ATAA Sydney chapter., held compliance ADA 1 & 2 in securities and derivatives, 

And held roles as: 

  • Technical Analyst and Educator with Gryphon Learning ( Melbourne)
  • Technical Analyst and Stock Broker with Alpine Asset Management
  • Private client advisor with Macquarie Bank Sydney, and RBS Morgan’s
  • Senior Client advisor with Investor First and transitioned to WilsonHTM  Sydney
  • Past contributor to the Marcus Today stock Market letter
  • June 2006 – June 2008 Daily Technical section
  • Presented for the Trading and Investing Expo in Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne
  • Past Contributor to “Your trading Edge” publication and Stock and Commodities magazine
  • Regular guest on Sky business “your money your call”
  • Regular guest on sky business “Lunch money”
  • Sky Business “ Monday Technical analysis” contributor

He currently trading private funds account, is a Weekly TA contributor to Thomson Reuters and First Prudential markets and a member of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association. (APTA)

Gary Burton takes a look at 2022 and the different markets.  Primarily how he looks at the market.

Gary also provided a handout on The Dow Theory Explained

Gary Burtons presentation on Real time Pattern trading in short and long time frames will provide a usable insight into trade setup and trade management.

This presentation will work through some proven price setup patterns for the short term trader and the Buy and hold Investor.

If you are an Equities trader or Crypto trader, Options trader, this presentation will add to or change the way you trade.

Gary Burton's handout to Brisbane meeting on Trend identification

The more we trade it seems the more we need to know about Technical analysis, and as many come to learn there are multiple roads that can be travelled, however the most successful traders only use very simple price observations to build a consistent trading approach.

The presentation will centre on the Basics of Technical Analysis for practical Trading applications:

  • Defining the underlying trend.
  • How to draw correct support and resistance levels
  • How to draw trendlines.
  • Trading reversal points.
  • The Relative strength Indicator

Based on a weekly basis, the Haguro Method provides a great way to analyse instruments on a longer-term basis. This makes it great for longer term positions in a retirement account, or for setting an outlook if you are a short-term trader.

The Haguro candlestick pattern is simply a way to identify support and resistance levels, but with a different approach. Furthermore, contrary to the general opinion of plotting horizontal support and resistance levels at closing or high/low price levels, the Haguro method focuses on the candle’s range, thus making the mid-points of the weekly candlestick as the support and resistance method.

You can use the Haguro Method with MetaStock to scan for instruments that have crossed through their midpoint or are currently showing a reversal bar. The commentary in MetaStock does a great job in showing you the lines on a chart and explaining them to you every week.

Considering the market volatility over the past 6 weeks, we'll be interested to hear what Gary's has to say about the outlook for the financial markets over the coming months, and his thoughts about the question on everyone's lips - are we in a bull or a bear market? He will highlight some of the chart patterns we should look for and will conclude by discussing his involvement with the Reuters report.

In tonight’s presentation around Futures, FX and Commodities Trading, Gary will look at the different data streams available.

Many traders believe they are trading a true futures contract, but should be aware the data they are receiving may be generated by market algorithms using an ECN (Electronic Communication Network).

We will look at the difference between the physical markets and the ECN networks offered by some brokers in FX and commodities trading. As always, Gary will offer some insights into the analysis around these products.

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