Remembering that the price charts of stocks and the indexes summarise the underlying opinions and emotions of the market participants, we know that every chart tells a story, if only we can understand the stories in the price charts. In this session, Robert will utilise today's technical analysis tools to provide an insight into the underlying views of investors and traders today, focusing on the Australian market. He will utilise four key technical analysis principles:

  1. Study the plain price to look for trends, support, resistance and chart patterns (on daily and weekly charts).
  2. Study the big picture (because the market is like an elephant) and incorporate a favourite strategy (such as Weinstein's analysis methods).
  3. Utilise a couple of chart indicators (such as Guppy's MMA and Twigg's Money Flow).
  4. Make sure to look at changes in volume.

Robert describes this approach as the "4 Windows" analysis method to look at four different "views" of the market. This session will provide invaluable insights for both novices and experienced analysts, investors and traders. If time permits, input may be accepted from the experienced members of the audience for the benefit of the newcomers.