Bernstein, Jake

Jake Bernstein is President of MBH Commodity Advisors Inc and Bernstein Investments Inc.  He has authored more than 40 books on trading, investing, investor psychology and economic forecasts and publishes a number of newsletters. Jake is an active trader in stock, currencies and futures.  His has developed highly effective trading systems as well as several innovative timing and trend indicators.  His technical trading methods are purely objective and specific.  His Setup – Trigger – and Follow Through (STF) trading model has been adopted by many traders throughout the world.  Bernstein’s consulting clients include some of the largest hedge funds, brokerage firms, market analysts, banks, and professional traders in the world.

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In this presentation, Jake will look at whether the traditional timing methods are still effective in today’s volatile markets. Following on from his first presentation he’ll take a new look at price patterns and discuss how price patterns are only one-third of the total approach to timing the market. He‘ll also cover the importance of having a trading model and how to have effective trade management within the trading model.

In this presentation, Jake will look at what a pattern is and why it is a pattern before going on to examine what causes patterns. He will show the uncanny history of price patterns through extensive examples and commentary. He will share his four most accurate patterns: seasonality, 100% objective divergence, the open/close relationship and the elusive, but accurate gap.