Bedford, Louise

Louise Bedford has not only been a sharetrader for nearly 20 years, but has also trained thousands of people in the art of trading. She has degrees in Psychology and Business, and she’s done the hard yards in the sharemarket, so she can help traders to shortcut their way to success. Her best-selling trading books - Trading Secrets, Charting Secrets, The Secret of Candlestick Charting and The Secret of Writing Options, as well as her presentations, are not about vague concepts that don’t work in the real world. They are about incredibly practical, timesaving strategies that traders need to implement in order to become extremely successful.

Ever wondered why you bought that particular share, or why you didn?t follow your own trading plan? Are we completely irrational creatures, destined to the whims of our hormones, our environment and our neural pathways? Or can we train our brains to allow us to become ultra-versatile traders, capable of achieving incredible results in the current market conditions? In this revealing presentation, you will learn about the ?neuroplasticity? required to become an exceptional trader and why, after you begin to trade, you could quite literally never be the same person again!