Abbott, Grant

Grant has achieved the following:

  • Chairman of the Australian SMSF Members Association for the past 9 years
  • CEO of I Love SMSF, a company dedicated to all things SMSF
  • Director Light Year Group
  • Author The Guru’s Guide to SMSFs
  • Mentor to the profession including auditors, accountants, lawyers and trustees.

In this presentation Grant and Darryl will cover the latest developments that affect trustees in SMSF and how to maximise strategies in SMSF applications. Key Topics of the presentation include:

  • An SMSF is a financial product.
  • The status of the SMSF trust deed.
  • When to review the SMSF trust deed? Are changes in the legislation relevant?
  • The need to upgrade the trust deed. Account based pensions.
  • Changes in legislation enable changes in strategies.
  • What if you can’t locate the trust deed?
  • Individual trustees when compared with a corporate trustee.
  • Number of members in an SMSF.
  • Retiring at age 60.
  • Instruments that the SMSF can invest in. CFDs, Forex & Crypto?
  • Investment strategy – Risk management document for derivatives.
  • SMSF wills
  • Leading member SMSF.
  • Binding death nominations. Current position.
  • SMSF Instalment Warrant.

SMSF Investment Strategies are so hot right now and for all the wrong reasons.  When the Commissioner of Taxation targeted SMSF LRBA investment strategies in September 2019 Grant Abbott told the Class conference that this was only the start and expect it to blow out and get bigger.  With the 17 February investment strategy ATO release we now find ALL SMSF investment strategies in the crosshairs – a nightmare in the making for audits of the 2019 income year. There is now the threat of an administration penalty of $4,200 per trustee. And what happens to those SMSFs that have already been lodged which don’t measure up to the new requirements? Well they will need to be rectified or the old fingers crossed and hope the Commissioner does not random sample an auditor’s funds?  Anyway, which way, the landscape has changed and we all need to move with the tide and comply. There can be no laggards.

In this presentation we will take a deep dive into the Commissioner’s latest release, what it means and what you need to do to comply.

Melbourne SMSF Seminar

Family SMSFs are the new breed for the educated investor committed to long term, low taxed wealth.  Hear from Grant Abbott, on the greatest and latest SMSF strategies and why anyone investing without a SMSF or more importantly a Family SMSF is failing to create a dynasty or leave their legacy.