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Adventurers of a Trader (2018 Version)

Posted: 31 May, 2018 Tags: Indicators Chart_Patterns&Analysis Trading _Strategies
Source: P2018 RCO Available to: Members

Justine is a technical trader that has developed a trading system to trade all market conditions. She has streamlined her system to fit her lifestyle, which only takes me 15 minutes of her time per day. In this presentation Justine will showcase exactly what she does during her trading time each day, including how she runs a daily market scan, reviews the shares in the report and selects a trade based on her trading rules. Then, she will show how she position sizes the trade according to her risk strategy and places the trade in the market with a stop loss linked to it. She will also tackle other trading actions she takes, whether acting on an aggressive exit or adjusting her stop losses each day. All in a day of a trader plus more adventures.