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The Economy & Investment Scene, 2018 and Beyond

Posted: 10 May, 2018 Tags: Economics
Source: P2018 MEL Available to: Members

The World is a strange place these days, with a lot of incompetent leadership and a resurgence of autocracy in some nations.  The East has now overtaken the West in GDP, China has overtaken the USA, India has overtaken Japan, and Indonesia has overtaken Brazil, the UK and France.  P/E ratios are extraordinarily high – as much due to record low interest rates – but now risky with rising interest rates. Phil will present a lucid picture of where we are at, forecast where he sees us going and how he sees the performance of the investment asset classes over the next few years and the decade we are in.  Phil Ruthven is the Founder of IBISWorld, an international corporation providing online business information, forecasting and strategic services to the corporate, government and academic sectors.