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Paul Wise

Paul Wise started his career as a registered representative of the Sydney Futures Exchange. Since 1993 Paul has held a number of senior positions at respected futures broking firms as a chief market analyst. His unique trading methodology is the result of his life-time commitment to research and trading, and it is the cornerstone of the strategy taught in his Options Mentoring course. As educator, researcher and former broker Paul has studied and traded all asset classes which make up the exchange traded options markets globally. Paul’s unique area of knowledge is understanding volatility and its implications on options valuation and trade selection. New clients are intrigued that Paul finds all his trades using a volatility chart, not a price chart. Paul’s approach is unique and sets him apart from other participants in the markets. Paul entered the world of financial markets after the completion of his Bachelor of Commerce in 1993 as a futures and commodities broker. In December 2000 Paul left broking to pursue his passion for trading and devote all his time to publishing the knowledge that he had accumulated during his commercial life. He founded Options21, which today is the vehicle in which he is able to guide and coach traders to a professional level. Paul has been a guest speaker for the ASX and at the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA) on topics of options analysis, and has also been prominent in the regular Traders & Investors Expos around Australia.