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Kevin Saunders

  • Australian Speaker

Kevin Saunders began his trading in 1998 and lost a bundle in 2000. Reeling from the impact of his losses, he applied himself to education. He achieved the Dux of Victoria at FINSIA and earned the National Subject Prize for his work in derivatives. He worked with trading educators, producing trader training content while honing his personal trading skills. He partnered with a fellow trader and formed Non Correlated Capital (NCC) and worked to build a track record, which has now reached the 10 year mark. In 2012 NCC became a NFA registered CTA and raised over $40Million in investor capital. In 2013 he founded Tribelet Capital to incubate a global equities strategy that now has over 3 years of track record. He has written articles for the CME group and been featured in the Australian Financial Review. He is an AFS license holder in Australia, key person and responsible manager for NCC. He is currently working on an Alternatives Investment Platform as part of the NCC operational team.