Speaker: Darryl Nagel

Darryl Nagel started trading the markets in 1986, then focussing on trading exchange traded options on Australian stocks. He has taught technical analysis since 2003 and has gained an RG146 qualification for trading all instruments and has been an Authorised Representative under an AFSL. He maintains an interest in learning new technical analysis techniques and has been attracted to the interest in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Darryl believes that a trader will be potentially profitable in trading such currencies using technical analysis. Lately he likes to use Ichimoku and price action for his own trading.

Subject: Profitably trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using technical analysis in a regulated environment

Bitcoin will be the focus of this presentation but the analysis of trading Bitcoin applies to other cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain phenomenon will be discussed in the context of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the twin worlds of Bitcoin will be discussed looking at the advantages and disadvantages of trading within each of these worlds. Darryl will show how he intends to trade Bitcoin using two technical analysis techniques that he likes to use with his own trading.