Speaker: Bruce Wood: 

Bruce Wood is today, a private trader. His professional career spanning over 35 years was in major corporate, Financial Services, covering a diversified range of roles including:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Treasury Banking ? Foreign Exchange and Money Market and Derivatives
  • Corporate Investor Relations
  • Superannuation Administration
  • Project Manager / Business Analyst

Bruce has been a full-time trader on his own account since 2010. Bruce has been trading Rules Based Trading Systems since 2003, and today devotes a significant portion of his working time into designing and the ongoing development of Rules Based Trading Systems.

Bruce is currently the ATAA Sydney Chapter President.

Subject: Heikin-Ashi Candles, A Different Approach to Candlesticks

Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks look just like normal Japanese Candlesticks, so why are they different?

In the 1700?s when Munehisa Homma developed Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks, what were his objectives in designing a modified version of candlesticks?

Some traders (and in particular FX traders) claim that Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks are a very powerful tool towards identifying the direction of the trend.

In this presentation we will look at how Heikin-Ashi candlesticks are constructed, and why they offer a very different approach to normal Candlesticks, towards making your trading decisions?