If you have a Website providing services to Traders and Investors in the Financial Markets we would be delighted if you would add a "link" back to the ATAA website.

The "link" can take various forms. It could be:

  • A description of the ATAA and its services along with a recommendation and link
  • A "graphic" the ATAA provides that contains a link back to the ATAA
  • An entry in a list of "Useful Links"

Copy our Graphics

You may copy any of these graphics from our website and paste them in a suitable location on your website.  Please link to our website address: https://ATAA.asn.au


 Available graphics:

  ATAA logo on white with text ATAA logo on transparent with white text ATAA logo on blue with text


ATAA logo on white without text ATAA logo on blue without text